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TCOE — a leader in RY and CAST!

Want to know how a successful RY or CAST Program is run? Many of you have already heard our enthusiastic reports about the Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE), in Visalia, CA. TCOE has been offering Reconnecting Youth and CAST in their middle and high schools, as well as after-school programs, boot camps and alternative school settings since 2001. They have enjoyed so much success, from years of hard work, collaboration, team-building and training, that we think of them as a model for our programs. TCOE has a video testimonial about RY up on our website (watch it now). Their Children of Promise Project (COPP) uses both the Coping and Support Training (CAST) and the Reconnecting Youth (RY) curricula to help middle and high school-aged youth improve academic achievement, decrease drug involvement, and improve mood management.

Here’s just one example of data, from their recent dissemination of CAST in a Probation Youth Facility. First round evaluations report:

• belief that alcohol and other drugs are bad for them
• self-reported ability to manage (i.e., reduce) their alcohol and other drug use and monitor their own progress in this area
• ability to manage their anger and control unhelpful or hurtful thoughts or ideas rose
• positive feelings about themselves
• feeling more capable and in control
• ability to make decisions
• positive connections to teachers
• feeling part of the school

• feelings of depression or sadness
• feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

When asked whether CAST helped them with mood management, school, and drug use control, 100% of the students say that it did (for each of the three areas). When the students were asked how much CAST helped them with mood management, 43% said it helped them “a lot” and 43% said it helped them “somewhat.” When they were asked how much CAST helped them with school, 71% of students said it helped them “a lot” and the remaining 29% said it helped them “somewhat.” When asked how much it helped them with drug use control, 43% said it helped them “a lot” and 43% said it helped them “somewhat.”

We’re proud of what TCOE has accomplished and we say, “Keep up the great work!”