turning it around

She was in grade 9, and going downhill fast. Constantly running away, severely depressed, experimenting with drugs and had alienated herself from students at the school. Her mom walked up to me with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t believe the change in her daughter over the summer, since finishing RY. Her daughter wasn’t running off; she was sitting with her parents to negotiate and talk about things; she was doing family activities; and ultimately ended up doing very well on her exams. She gives 100% of the credit to RY.

RY Facilitator, Toronto, ONT

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Administrator Training

NEW! Administrator Training is now offered as an ONLINE TUTORIAL for Administrators, Program Coordinators and Stakeholders.
The Administrator Online Tutorials for Reconnecting Youth (RY) and Coping and Support Training (CAST) provide essential program overviews for those in leadership positions planning to promote or implement the RY and/or CAST program. These self-paced tutorials prepare participants to support the RY or CAST program in their setting and include guidelines for creating a supportive infrastructure for the program. In a short 60-90 minutes, the Administrator Online Tutorials provide a thorough overview of the program and prepare administrators to answer questions that will inevitably be asked:

  • How does the program work?
  • Why are we doing this program?
  • What are the expectations of the teacher/facilitator and of the administrator?
  • What resources will be needed?
  • How will we know the program works?

Below are the prices for each Administrator Tutorial and Related Costs:

RY Administrator Online Tutorial Cost
Single participant with unlimited access $49
Suggested Materials for Trainees:
Curriculum: Reconnecting Youth: A Peer Group Approach to Building Life Skills
NOTE: *Access to the RY Administrator Online Tutorial is included in the price of the RY Coordinator Training.


CAST Administrator Online Tutorial Cost
Single participant with unlimited access $49
Suggested Materials for Trainees:
Curriculum: Coping and Support Training: A Roadmap for Teens
NOTE: *Access to the CAST Administrator Online Tutorial is included in the price of the CAST Coordinator Training.


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