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RY leads to a turn-around in behavior

Dropout prevention program emphasizes emotional control for angry teens
Published in the Toronto Globe and Mail, May 21, 2013

Little things like rain on his walk to school, a teacher nagging him about homework or a classmate knocking a pencil off his desk used to be enough to set Ahmed Gulzar off. He would yell at his teacher, his classmates – anyone within earshot – throw a book across the room and storm out.

Ahmed rarely made it through the first 20 minutes of class without losing his temper and getting kicked out and sent to the office.

Just over a year ago, Ahmed, a student at R.H. King Academy in Toronto, was among the first Canadian students to participate in a U.S. drop-out prevention program, Reconnecting Youth (RY). The Canadian version of the program puts special emphasis on mood control and has been life-changing for kids like Ahmed, 16.

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