life changing

[The RY class] really got me to thinking — thinking that I don’t like some stuff about myself. The helpful criticism I received from others in the class really made a difference! I wasn’t going around punching walls and cutting myself anymore. RY taught me about mood management and how to make better decisions that wouldn’t result in hurtful consequences and taught me that I had better ways of working out my problems. This is a class I will never forget. It changed my life!


RY Student, Huntington, TX

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RY Findings

RY is designed to help at-risk youth to:

  • Increase School Performance – grades, attendance, and credits earned.
  • Increase Mood Management – depression, hopelessness, anxiety and anger.
  • Decrease Drug Involvement – alcohol, marijuana and hard drug use, drug use control problems and adverse drug use consequences.
  • Decrease Suicide Risk Factors – global suicide risk behaviors, ideation, threats, attempts and positive attitudes toward suicide.
  • Increase Protective Factors – personal control, problem-solving and coping, and access to support.

When compared to a control group, major outcomes of the RY students showed significant improvements, particularly decreases in 3 risk factors and increases in 2 protective factors.

Please download the RY Stakeholder Brochure with further details, or see more RY results in The RY Program: An Overview (ppt).