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Kansas SD expands RY Program to all high schools

BVSDHow RY was adopted into all high schools in a district.
In the summer of 2011, Blue Valley School District in Overland Park, KS, sent five fabulous and passionate staff members to our annual Seattle RY Facilitator Training. Blue Valley Academy Principal, Valerie Jennings, wrote us in February to say that the RY Program was going so well in their district that “we met with the high school principals who do not have RY … and all of them are wanting to offer RY in their buildings next year!”

That led to a July 2012 training hosted in Overland Park, just outside of Kansas City, for seven new RY Facilitators. By the end of the training week, the previously trained group of teachers, school psychologists and counselors was eagerly making plans with the new RY Facilitators to meet regularly for group consultation. Later in the summer, Jennings flew back to Seattle for an advanced RY Coordinator Training, for more instruction on how to support her growing team to teach RY with fidelity.

Jennings has been such a fan that she was invited to a meeting with Kansas City, KS Public Schools regarding best practices for their alternative education programs, and she spoke about the success her school district has experienced with the RY Program. Recently, the Overland Park RY Facilitators sent a collection of quotes from their RY students. These student testimonials speak volumes about the work their RY team is accomplishing!

“RY has helped me phenomenally. I’ve rarely missed class this semester. I can handle my stress. I make time for myself and me and my family are pretty close. I get along better with my dad. I make a lot better decisions.”

“It helped me calm down and take a step back to realize what’s really important in life. I’ve been doing so much better with grades, drug control, and my mood has changed dramatically.”

“It got me off of drugs and I probably wouldn’t have been able to graduate or move on to anything else with the amount of drugs I was doing. It’s also helped me with my mood management in a very considerable way.”

“(RY) helped me with a lot of personal problems and with … strategies to solve problems and handle my anger and stress … and how to figure out who my friends are, what caring for someone really means, and that a lot of people have it worse than me but they’re still going — so I can too.”